Web design Joondalup | Know what you are paying for

There are many web agencies in Joondalup which offer similar products and services and its something that can be a time consuming exercise when picking the right expert for your web design Joondalup creative agency team.

To get the maximum exposure from your website and digital presence, its important to know what you are paying for and the process that you agency will take in getting you to the next level.

Know what you are paying for by sitting down the both the graphic design team and search engine optimisation team to understand how the site should function and how the user interface (UI) will work.

Often companies get caught up in the buzz works or things that look good, but don’t take into account the structure and semantics of the website including the analytics and reporting of the website to define what is working and backing it up with data.

Your digital team should demonstrate and explain how all the SEO Perth factors take place and what it takes to become a successful online business or eCommerce store. Giving real time examples of competitors or business that are doing it well is a good way to ensure each party understands what is involved and what they are up for to compete.

Every prospective client would search for your business so they could call and ask where to send the cheque. Unfortunately, the only way the first part can happen is if you are at the top of Google listings when people search for relevant phrases – which is possible through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). After all, these tend to be people who need a solution for their problems and are willing to pay to get it.

This can mean more sales for you and a greater opportunity to grow your online brand in the process. So if increasing sales and brand is important to you, talk to our local dedicated SEO team about your business so we can start helping you to rank on the Search Engines and get great SEO results quickly.

Having the right responsive design can drive mobile customers on all devices including android and OIS which gives you the competitive advantage to take orders and general business transactions online 7 days a week.

There are many platforms to choose from when building a site, however you have to select one that works for you and your business requirements. Many third party Management Systems (CMS) platforms tie you down with selective functionality, so its important your agency knows your full requirements today and into the future. There is nothing worse to get stuck with something that will not drive you into the future and cost a lot of time and effort by not understanding how the different platforms work. That’s why its best to take advice by a web design Joondalup local agency to take full advise.

Being in Joondalup, in Perth’s northern suburbs gives clients a competitive advantage as there a lot of small business that are not online.


3 Best Movie Streaming Sites in Foreign Languages

If you want to watch movies in a foreign language, the internet offers you a wide variety of exciting options. Without paying expensive cable TV subscription fees, you can log on to movie streaming sites to choose from the thousands of movies available for live streaming. To watch comedy, cartoons, feature films, documentaries, or TV series in languages like Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and many others, here are the top 3 websites you should visit.

1. Shqipmania.co

Shqipmania is a comprehensive movie streaming website with top movie selections and excellent customer service. From this site, you can stream many popular TV shows and award-winning movies. Their search system allows you to select movies alphabetically, by country, language, or year of release. You can also select movies by their category such as romance, action, war, family, music, comedy, drama, documentary, wildlife, kids and many more. From Europe to Asia, to South America and Africa, you will find movies that will keep your eyes glued to your computer all day. You may use the free subscription with plenty of adverts or pay a monthly subscription and have 24 hours access to feature films and many recently released HD quality movies. After you subscribe, you will be allowed to download movies for offline viewing.


2. AsianFlix

AsianFlix has been globally rated as one of the best movie streaming sites because of their focus on movies produced in Asia. From the popular Bollywood in India to the famous Chinese movies, you can enjoy the best of the old classics and the newly released films. The unique integrated search system on this site enables you to search for movies by popular actors, producers, country, language, year of release and other options. This site gives you a unique user experience and provides movies of the day, the week and the month. AsianFlix offers both free and paid subscription and permits you to download a certain number of movies to watch offline. For the best of Asian movies from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and other Asian countries, AsianFlix is your best choice.


3. PlanetMovies

PlanetMovies allows you to stream HD movies in over 50 foreign languages. Some of the movies also have subtitles in English. The site also has a very active and friendly viewing community that provides information on the latest cinema movies, TV series, musical videos, comedies, and animation series. This website offers thrilling movies in Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, French, Arabic and many other languages. You can watch a limited number of videos for free or pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for unlimited access to HD and HDX movie content. Users are also permitted to download movies to their computers. Apart from action packed movies, you can also watch documentaries, biographies, cartoons, comedies and horror movies on this site. The efficient movie selection system makes this site very easy and convenient to use.



Those are the top three movie streaming websites you should go to when you want to watch films in foreign languages. These sites are easy to navigate and they offer a massive collection of top quality video content for instant streaming to your PC.

Do’s and Don’ts of Family Photography

A famous American photographer once said that you don’t take a photograph. You make it, and it proves to be quite true. It’s not all about who handles the camera and how good you are at taking photos, but when it comes to a family portrait, it’s all about capturing a memory to treasure for a lifetime. It’s all about the people and each member’s face, and being a lovely family. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of family photography will make even the session itself something to remember. Here’s professional tips from a respected Orange County CA photographer.



Wear Coordinating Colors

It’s up to each member to choose his or her own style, but what one wears must have something in sync with everybody else, but not necessarily a mirror match. Same goes with the theme or backdrop, where the entire scene complements each other.

Group Together

There are families that are not close enough and value personal space but when it comes to photos, it’s a great idea to squish together. Being close to each other elicits warmth and instantly conveys the message that you’re a family. Chairs may be used for a more intact grouping, which also makes grandpa or grandma comfortable.

Be Free

The whole family can play around and just have fun, taking the opportunity as a bonding time. A few jokes could help break the tension and bring out genuine smiles. This allows a lively mood and spirit during the photoshoot, as well as a great harmonious ambiance that tends to reflect on the photographs.


Being bossy doesn’t work well when trying to come up with a good family portrait. Instead, be open to suggestions and talk to each other, encouraging everyone to put in ideas on how to capture a family milestone. Even little kids can surprisingly have awesome ideas and poses you’d smile upon looking back sometime in the future.


Family Match

While it’s best to dress up and coordinate the color, theme, and background, it’s not meant to be exactly the same. Take color for instance, everything doesn’t have to fall under the same palette like pink to pink or blue to blue, rather shades and hues that blend perfectly well.

Overdo Things

Overspreading is one thing to look out for. A bit of freedom and playing around is fine, but not too lively that family members overspread, resulting to a portrait that looks unnaturally stretched out with huge spaces in between. Focusing too much on the backdrop is one common mistake, for it dismisses the focal point- the family and each of its valued member. Putting too many lights is another thing, which creates an environment that’s too bright and flashy and can lead to blinking.

Pose Too Hard

It’s best to plan ahead where you want everyone to be posed, but not too posed that some would look stiff and uncomfortable. There’s no point in being too strict or trying to imitate others, but simply be yourself and let others be themselves. The best family portraits are able to capture each member’s real self, as a very important part of the family, which makes a picture-perfect moment to cherish forever!

The Convenience of Online Writing Degree Programs

Online writing degree programs are not readily available, but they are growing in popularity. There are many traditional and online schools that offer online degree programs to busy writers. The online degree programs offer courses that teach students the basics of writing, including paragraph structure, theme writing, descriptive writing, tech writing, and grammar.

Graphic designer

Usually in writing degree programs, writers are given many assignments within one week, which range from analyzing the work of others to composing their own short stories and essays. The courses offered in an online writing degree program are much like the ones offered in traditional programs, and students will begin their program by taking beginners courses and eventually work their way up to the more advanced. The beginners course teaches the basics of writing, but after taking them, students will be able to take more specific courses, such as creative writing and tech writing.

The online programs give students more freedom, but the workload is almost the same and students will have more and more writing assignments as they move further into the degree program. The online writing degree programs offer bachelor degrees as well as masters and there are many schools that offer these online programs. Chatham College is one school that offers online writing degree programs. Chatham online is the online division of Chatham College, which offers online masters degree programs for writers.

The writing degree program offered by Chatham online offer 7-week courses and it has no residency requirement. The programs give students the freedom to study anytime or anywhere an Internet connection is available. Chatham online offers many degree options for its students, including the Master of Professional Writing degree, which gives students training to become technical writers, content developers for the web, advertising copywriters, and public relations specialist. It also offers the Graduate Certificate-Non-fiction Writing.

This program gives students the opportunity to use their nonfiction writing skills and focus one subject, which include nature, environmental, or landscape writing. Students are given many writing assignments and attend many online writing workshops where their work is presented and critiqued. Once the program is finished writers will have a portfolio of their work that is of publishable quality.

Another unique program is the Graduate Certificate-Writing for Children and Adolescents. The Certificate in Writing for Children and Adolescents provides students the chance to write fiction and non-fiction for children and adolescents. There are also many other colleges that offer online writing degree programs including Burlington College. Burlington College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Literature through an online program. However, this school does require a four-day residency in Burlington, Vermont at the beginning of each semester.

Goddard College is also a school that offers a masters program online. The college offers a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree through their online program. In this program, students are able to study poetry, fiction writing, creative nonfiction writing, and memoir, play writing, and screen writing. A short residency is also required for the program at Goddard College.

The University of Denver is another school that offers online writing degree programs. It offers the Certificate of Advanced Study in Creative Writing. The program includes a range of courses on content and writing processes for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and other areas of writing. There are many other colleges and universities that offer online writing degree programs including Goucher College, Lesley University, University of Central Florida, and Washington State University.

Like all degrees, online writing degrees are not simple to obtain, but they can provide convenience and knowledge, which helps them advance as a writer, or develop writing skills to that will help them in the future.